The Body by Gilles team are so excited to launch our NEW Body by Gilles Subscription concept that will revolutionize the way that you workout. The 12 Month "His & Her" Subscriptions are designed for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in realistic and effective way- so you can feel and look like the best version of yourself all year round.

Based off a perfectly attainable 3 day a week workout routine, the Body by Gilles monthly PDF’S will keep you on track, make the most of the time you do spend working out and also inspire you to continue! Everything that Gilles would do for you if he was your personal trainer!

“I too often walk into a gym and see people wasting their precious time on workouts that are less than effective and more importantly that they will not see results from. Dedicating time to working out and not seeing any improvements can kill your motivation, so I have designed my subscription guides for all of my followers that do want to work out, do want to look great but want someone who can give them the guidance they need in an easy, motivational and inexpensive way.”

The Body by Gilles Subscription PDF, that includes all new 30 min full body and targeted HITT workouts, will be sent to your inbox every month. Gilles understands that to remain inspired within your fitness routine you need to keep it interesting, the Subscriptions introduce new workouts, including yoga, targeted butt, arms and ab workouts monthly, so you will never feel bored!