Body by Gilles is an LA – Paris – London based company that provides digital Fitness guides worldwide. If you want to be more personal, Body by Gilles offer packaged personal training sessions wherever you are in the world.
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What equipment will I need for the Body by Gilles method?

The guides strategically require very minimal equipment so they can be done from home or the gym:
His Body by Gilles requires 1 x 12kg kettlebell, 1 x 16kg kettlebell and a mat.
Her Body by Gilles requires 1 x pair of 2kg dumbbells, 1 x pair of 4kg dumbbells and a mat.

What type of workout is Body by Gilles?

The male and female guides are a combination of several different workout styles. From high intensity to low intensity cardio, light weight for the female guide, medium weight for the male guide, bodyweight, plyometric and sprint training. Combining all of these styles will give you the results you are hoping for, whether it is about shaving those unwanted areas, toning, strengthening your core or building cardiovascular endurance.

Do either of the programs use plyometric exercises?

Yes it does however, it is NOT a plyometric focused workout guide. Any workout plan should have a plyometric factor to build explosive muscle strength. His & Her Body by Gilles guides do not focus on this so to avoid any strain in the joints.

Can I do this workout from home?

Yes, it can be done from anywhere so long as you have the equipment required.

Do the guides include video tutorials?

The guides do not include video tutorials but do include detailed photos of the moves and their progressions, making it very easy to use and follow.

Are the Body by Gilles Guides printable?

Yes, the guides are available for viewing online but can also be downloaded so you can print if you choose too. However, in order to be environmentally friendly, we encourage saving paper and using the online or digital pdf versions.

Is there a demo or preview I can try?

There is not a demo available at this time but you can see previews of the layout and style of the guide on the guides page.

Can I download the guide and save it to ibooks?

Yes, the guide is available through your online login at anytime but can also be downloaded as a pdf and saved to ibooks.

Can I pay by credit card without signing up to PayPal?

Yes, paypal will allow you to pay with you credit card even if you do not have a paypal account.

I previously signed up to the mailing list and now I cannot redeem my 10% discount, how can I receive it?

Please send us am email using the contact us page so we can send you a new code.

If I am pregnant, have an injury or a health condition am I able to use this guide?

We recommend that you consult your doctor before using any of the Body by Gilles guides, each guide does includes a free pre-workout guide with reduced intensity and basic exercises/ movements but we advise that you consult a health care professional either way.

What will His Body by Gilles do for my body? Will I lose weight and gain muscle?

The male 12 week fitness guide is designed to create a full body transformation- including weight loss and muscle gain with a focus on core and cardio workouts. This is for anyone that wants to get their body in the best shape its ever been in but is also for anyone who wants to maintain or improve their physique.

What will Her body by Gilles do for me, will I lose weight and tone?

The female 12 week fitness guide is designed to create a full body transformation- including weight loss and toning with a focus on sliming arms and legs, strengthening your core and building muscle only in the ab and butt areas..

I am not very fit and rarely exercise, am I still able to do the Body by Gilles guides?

The Body by Gilles guides come with a free 4 week pre-training workout guide that will prepare individuals from all fitness levels to enter the programs. However, if the pre-training program proves to be extremely difficult we advise that you consult a health professional before continuing the guide.

I am very fit and not looking for a body transformation but just want a regular workout. Am I still able to use the 12 week guides?

The 12 week fitness programs are great for transformations but also for maintaining your physique and fitness levels. This guide is for anyone who wants to love or loves having fitness as a part of their lifestyle. Body by Gilles also offers Bespoke programs if you are looking for something that is tailored directly to your personal fitness levels and goals.

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